Oh, you thought I just randomly found yoga as a way to get fit? Think again… Yoga really did completely change (and frankly, save) my life. Here’s my vulnerable, authentic story:

As a young adult, things were okay for a while, if only on the surface:

I had a career in entertainment working as a singer. I was in an exciting new relationship. I had opportunities to travel the world. I was also in decent physical shape – (though that was just luck as I certainly wasn’t putting much effort into it other than dancing in shows). But behind the scenes, I consistently ate junk food, abused alcohol, had low self-worth, and did not have much of a spiritual practice… I certainly wasn’t mindful of how cared for myself.

I was naive and thought I was invincible. Life was fine. Until it happened. 

I was sexually assaulted. Yeah, #metoo Ugh.

I was unequipped to cope considering my circumstances/specific situation, so I left my job + relationship, moved home with my mom, fell into depression, & diagnosed with PTSD. I was having horrible nightmares, insomnia, night-sweats, crying spells, lashing out or trembling for no reason. I couldn’t focus on anything other than all that I had lost in the process. I isolated myself because I didn’t want anyone to know what had happened to me.

Our relationship to our own body is often one great casualty of trauma.

— Emerson & Hopper in Overcoming Trauma through Yoga

But it was at my rock bottom that I knew I needed to make some serious changes in order to recover. There, I found yoga and it began to heal me — and continues to do so! 🙏

I enrolled in a yoga teacher training mostly to keep myself focused on something positive. My training ultimately became my therapy. Studying yogic philosophy, taught me how to disassociate and release my traumas. I began my journey of letting go. (SO much gratitude to Key Largo Yoga & Kathy Shirley!)

This experience taught me how to tune in & listen to myself, to love myself enough to be deliberate about how I care for my body, & how I interact in my relationships

I’m a survivor of sexual assault – but I refuse to identify as a victim. I am RESILIENT AF but I know things could have taken a major turn for the worse had I not found my little home studio: 

ok…so How has yoga literally saved me?

  • Self-study> soul searching. loving myself, realizing my self-worth, recognizing the incident was NOT my fault.

  • Breathwork/Pranayama>  to calm the nervous system (+ my panic attacks.)

  • Asana> Cultivated a healthier relationship with my body

  • Cleansing/Nutrition> Understanding how to feed my body in a balanced, healthful way

  • Ahimsa/nonviolence> adopted vegetarianism. *bonus yet not technically necessary 🙂 .

  • Love/Bhakti> Reopening my heart to receive love again- thanks to the loving support, inspiration, + guidance of my teacher, classmates, + students

  • Accepting what I cannot change, harnessing the courage to stand up for myself and change the things that I could, and the seeking the wisdom to discern the difference

I truly believe yoga can release trauma- emotionally, somatically (in the body) and mentally- and in gratitude to these practices, I am inspired to serve + share my practice with you 🙏  I have created a program that serves women who want to shake their anxiety and/or heal from a traumatic incident in a safe, holistic way— using ancient yogic practices and healthy living routines. So many women (and men) are courageously coming forward with their stories and I want to be on the front lines to support them ❤

I say this from a personal place of experience and empathy… Because damn, #metoo + I’m so glad I found these modalities for sustainable health and healing. They truly saved my life. ♀️🍏✨ Email me, comment, and find me on instagram (@gethealthyvibes) if you want to connect, share, or just say hi! 💕



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